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Chelamin Chelated Magnesium

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Chelated Magnesium 6% MgEDTA

Magnesium deficiency in the soil harms plantation and fruit crops and at times, food crops too. It also prevents optimum utilization of major nutrient fertilizers.

Causes of Magnesium deficiency
Magnesium plays an important role in chlorophyll synthesis and activates many enzymes. It is depleted from the soil due to loss in percolating water, absorption by living organisms, fixation on surrounding clay particles and break-up into secondary minerals. Liming of acid soils and overdose of nitrogenous fertilizers also contribute to magnesium deficiency.

Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency
First symptoms appear on lower leaves. Veins remain green with the leaf paling and in advanced stages, turning yellow then brown and necrotic. In some species, they become reddish purple before turning brown. Later, whole plants of small cereals turn yellow. In citrus trees, the base of the leaf sometimes remains green with chlorotic lamina. In potato, the affected leaves become brittle. In tea, chlorotic spots appear and grow larger upto the tip while the base of the leaf is green. This gives the leaves an inverted 'V' appearance.

Synthetically chelated for easy absorption, CHELACOP is an organo-copper complex which effectively fulfills copper requirements of plants. CHELACOP is absorbed through leaves and being an organo-metallic complex, is not free to react with any other compound in plants and remains available to the plant for a long time.

Synthetically chelated for complete and rapid absorption, CHELAMAG containing organic magnesium chelate complex, effectively meets the magnesium requirements of plants. The wetting and dispersing agents ensure maximum absorption without adverse reactions.

CHELAMAG stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops. It increases the chlorophyll content for green healthy leaves. CHELAMAG prevents chlorosis and spiralling of leaves.

CHELAMAG increases productive tillers in wheat and paddy and the oil content of several crops. CHELAMAG induces resistance to pests and diseases. It boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yield. CHELAMAG is compatible with water sprayable agrochemicals and may be applied as a foliar spray in various stages of plant growth.

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Micro Manganese Chelated Manganese

Chelated Manganese 6% MnEDTA

Manganese is an essential micronutrient which is responsible for chlorophyll synthesis in plants.

Causes of Manganese deficiency
The use of lime at rates sufficient to increase the pH of the soil above 6.5, burning of organic salts, irrigation which increases the soil pH and deposits bicarbonates and carbonates and excessive drainage cause Manganese deficiency.

How to recognize Manganese deficiency
Interveinal chlorosis in the middle of the subterminal leaves indicate manganese deficiency. In moderate and acute stages of manganese deficiency the dark green areas in the leaves become dull green and the light green areas persist throughout the life of the leaves. In severe cases, the light green areas often become grey or even whitish, the foliage becomes thin and shoots die back.

Micro Manganese is a synthetic Manganese related Foliar Spray that corrects manganese deficiency satisfactorily in all crops. It improves plant health by correcting manganese deficiency and optimizes yield.

Micro Manganese contains a wetting and dispersing agent which ensures direct availability of the Manganese Chelates sprayed, for a long time without adverse reactions. Being an organo-metallic complex,  Micro Manganese is absorbed easily through leaves and is not free to react with any other compound in the plant.  Micro Manganese remains in the plant-available form for a long time.

Benefits from using Micro Manganese include prevention of interveinal chlorosis of the leaves, increasing productive tillers in various crops, inducing resistance to pests and diseases, boosting growth, consequently increasing yield. Micro Manganese  is compatible with other agrochemicals and is ideal for correcting Mn deficiency in rice, cotton, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, cardamom, coconut, rubber, coffee, banana, chilli, potato, apple, citrus, grapes, mango and other crops.

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