Micro Iron chelated

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Product Description
Pack Type Pouch,Bag
Usage Spray
Pack Size    1Kg,25kg

Micro iron Benefits :

Micro iron stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops as iron activates several enzymes.Micro iron chlorophyll content of healthy green leaves. It also prevents chlorosis and spiralling of leaves
Micro iron resistance to pests and diseases. Further, FeGro boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yields
Micro iron to prevent Iron Deficiencies in different crops occured gradually at different growth stages of crops
Recommendations :

Foliar Spray Application : 2-3 gm / Lit of water
Drip –Soil Application : 1-1.5 Kg / Acre
Product Specifications :

Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)

Iron (as Fe) 12 % min

Lead (as Pb) 0.003 % max

Color& Form Free Flowing Crystalline Yellow Powder

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