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Maltose Calamine+ (ca)is Calcium amino acid chelate produced through fermentation process, which is easily absorbed by plants.

Maltose Calamine+ is a high content of amino chelated calcium which prevents and cures deficiency symptoms of calcium. Maltose Calamine+ improves fruit development, increase quality and yield, it provides strength to cell wall of fruits enhances nutrition absorption and translocates rapidly in plant system

Contains: Calcium amino acid chelated (Liquid) Calcium (as Ca) -6% PH-5.5-6.9

Specific Gravity: 1.15-1.22

Recommended Crops: Maltose Calamine+ can be used on variety of crops like Tomato, Cucurbits, Caulliflowers and Cabbage. Fruits crops like Grapes, Pomegranate, Apple and Mango. Field Crops like Rice, Maize, Wheat and many other crops, Cash Crops, Spices and Condiments.

Dosage And Rate of Application:

Foliar Application (from pre- flowering to post fruit set).

: 1-2gm/l Fertigation/Drip: (from transplanting or in any case at the onset of vegetative growth).
Fruit, Vegetables, Ornamentals: Dosage:1-2kg/acre

Compatibility: Micro calcium is compatible with almost all pesticides and fertilizers, perform prior test in small quantity before mixing.

Note: We recommend minimum 200 ltr of water /acre, in long duration crop needs 2 sprays at an interval of 15 days depending on deficiency

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