Break Shoot

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Features: BREAK-SHOOT is a non-ionic surfactant and belongs to the chemical class of organomodifiedtrisiloxanes. These are the only agricultural adjuvants that can produce a phenomenon known as “superspreading“ i.e. the rapid coverage of hydrophobic surfaces such as leaves at concentrations of 0.1 % orless. Aqueous solutions containing BREAK-SHOOT have zero contact angle.

Benefits: The outstanding physical chemical properties ofBREAK-SHOOT result in unique modes ofaction which in turn provide benefits to the farmer because  BREAK-SHOOT allows a larger amount   of active ingredient to enter the plant the active works even under difficult conditions.

BREAK-SHOOT provides rainfastness  to agricultural sprays rain an hour after application can be tolerated   with no need for re-spray.

BREAK-SHOOT permits the reduction   of spray volumes by up to 30 %→ Saving time, money, and environmentalresources.

Dosage : 0.33 ml per littler of water.

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