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Fungi Mix Micro

5 Kg

Rs. 765 Rs. 1275

Fungi Mix Micro

5 Kg

Rs. 765 Rs. 1275


Give your crop the fungal control and nutrition

Salient Features
Fast supplement full range of nutrients like NPK, trace-elements.
Improves crop stress resistance & photosynthesis.
Extend the effective period of crop uptake
Enhance ion exchange & water holding capacity of soil, improve soil structure and reduce nutrient losses.
Improve up to 30% output of field crops
100% natural, Zero heavy metal and eco-friendly
Vegetables, cereal, paddy, field crops, horticulture trees, fruit crops, ornamental plants.

Dosage : 5-6 kg/acre.

Zinc Micro 70

1 Ltr

Rs. 905 Rs. 1810

Zinc Micro 70

1 Ltr

Rs. 905 Rs. 1810


Zinc Micro 70 is a fully formulated flowable Zn SC 39.5% liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing a high concentration of zinc for foliar application which can penetrate with good mobility within the plant to prevent and treat zinc deficiency on a wide range of crops.

Zinc Micro 70-Zn 39.5% plays an important role in plants by activating certain enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins , formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates, conversion of starches to sugars and its presence in plants tissue helps the  plants to withstands  cold temperature.

Zinc Micro 70 (Zn) is essentia l in the formation of auxins , which helps in growth regulation and stem  elongation.

Zinc Micro 70 formulation ensures rapid and uniform spread of the product and enhances zinc absorption

Dosage and Application: 1ml/ltr water or 200ml/acre

Recommended Crops:

Zinc Micro 70 – is suitable for Fruit  crops, Vegetable crops, Flower crops, plantation crops, Spices and condiments crops, Medicinal crops, Aromatic crops and gardening plants

Mix Nutri

1 Ltr

Rs. 930 Rs. 1550

Mix Nutri

1 Ltr

Rs. 930 Rs. 1550



Mix Nutri

Mix Nutri is a scientific preparation of more than twelve micro nutrient element mixture.

This contains all essential micro nutrients required by plants for their growth and development


1. Improves photosynthesis in plants and entire plants will become greenish.

2. It helps to overcome micro nutrient deficiency in all crops.

3. It contains both macro and micro nutrient along with plant Hormones.

4. Application of Green max improves and increases up take of nutrients available in soil.

5. Improves disease resistance in all crops.

6. Required in small quantity but increases yield both qualitative and quantitatively.

7. Repeated application with 15-20 days interval will keep crop Healthy better growth.

8. A different product among all general liquid with unique quality.


Dissolve 1 liter of Mix Nutri in 200 liters of water which is sufficient per acre and spray on both sides of leaves.

Repeated application with an interval of 15-20 days will keep crop healthy with better growth

chayan ferti 90%wdg

30 Kg

Rs. 1950 Rs. 3660

chayan ferti 90%wdg

30 Kg

Rs. 1950 Rs. 3660


Specially formulate Chayan ferti 90% wdg 90% Sulphur Fertilizer (0-0-0-90) is designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to Sulphate throughout the growing season. Research shows that Chayan ferti 90% wdg 90% Sulphur converts to Sulphate faster than other forms of elemental Sulphur for season long nutrition and high yields. Yearly applications of Chayan ferti 90% wdg will improve soil Sulphur levels and loss associated with soluble nutrients.





WDG Micro-Granules


via Drip Irrigation, Spray

WDG Granules

(Noodles / Bhujiya)


via Broadcasting




  1. Sulphur present in Chayan ferti 90% wdg helps in activating enzyme responsible for increasing oil & protein content in Oilseeds/Pulses (Legume Crops).

  2. Chayan ferti 90% wdg helps in maintaining in the appropriate pH of the soil, thereby better uptake of other nutrients.

  3. Chayan ferti 90% wdg Improves

  1. Quality Of Fruits & Vegetables.

  2. Baking quality of wheat.

  3. Commercial Cane Sugar% (CCS).

  4. Pungency of Onion, Chilly & Garlic.

  5. Nutritive quality of forage.

  1. Chayan ferti 90% wdg increases crop yields and improves produce quality.

  2. Chayan ferti 90% wdg increases chlorophyll so that plants remain green and produce more food through photosynthesis activity.

  3. Chayan ferti 90% wdg will give poor quality alkaline soil more tilth, reduce soil crusting, make more phosphorous and micronutrients available, and it will remove sodium that can cause poor aeration and slow water uptake.

DOSAGE 3 Kg./ Acre (Depending Upon Crop)

USAGE Can be used for all plants and crops.

Micro Zinc Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 735 Rs. 1250

Product Description
Micro  Zn EDTA is the product, which is used to recover or to prevent the major micronutrient deficiencies in all field and horticultural crops. This is a free flowering crystalline powder with 12% Zinc. In this product the Zinc is chelated by a chelating agent EDTA (Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid). The product is recommended for soil application as well as for foliar application.

The Zinc deficiencies are always reported on horticultural crops like pomegranate, grapes, mango and other horticultural crops. The Zinc EDTA through soil application as well as through foliar application is useful to correct or prevent the Zinc deficiencies. It is useful for uniform sprouting as well as uniform vegetative growth. This product is very well suited for soils ranging from pH 5.0 to 10.0.

Content : Zn (EDTA) - 12.0

Advantages :
To prevent major as well as minor micronutrient deficiencies at any stage of crop.
Micro Zn EDTA can be used on wide range of soil pH (5.0 – 10.0) to prevent permanent deficiencies.
Micro Zn EDTA is a chelated by special chelating agents and hence uptake of these nutrients is more  compared to conventional micronutrients. Due to chelating agent these elements are slowly  available to the plants for a longer period.
Uptake of Zn EDTA by crops is more than 80-90 per cent compared to conventional micronutrients. Hence saving in micronutrient requirement up to 25 to 40%.
Zn EDTA can be used through drip irrigation as well as through foliar applications to correct deficiencies.

Application Schedule:
0.5 tp 1.0 gm/lit of water from vegetative state to fruit development stage through Spray and 1 to 2kg for Soil Application.

Micro Calcium Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 866 Rs. 1350

Maltose Calamine+ (ca)is Calcium amino acid chelate produced through fermentation process, which is easily absorbed by plants.

Maltose Calamine+ is a high content of amino chelated calcium which prevents and cures deficiency symptoms of calcium. Maltose Calamine+ improves fruit development, increase quality and yield, it provides strength to cell wall of fruits enhances nutrition absorption and translocates rapidly in plant system

Contains: Calcium amino acid chelated (Liquid) Calcium (as Ca) -6% PH-5.5-6.9

Specific Gravity: 1.15-1.22

Recommended Crops: Maltose Calamine+ can be used on variety of crops like Tomato, Cucurbits, Caulliflowers and Cabbage. Fruits crops like Grapes, Pomegranate, Apple and Mango. Field Crops like Rice, Maize, Wheat and many other crops, Cash Crops, Spices and Condiments.

Dosage And Rate of Application:

Foliar Application (from pre- flowering to post fruit set).

: 1-2gm/l Fertigation/Drip: (from transplanting or in any case at the onset of vegetative growth).
Fruit, Vegetables, Ornamentals: Dosage:1-2kg/acre

Compatibility: Micro calcium is compatible with almost all pesticides and fertilizers, perform prior test in small quantity before mixing.

Note: We recommend minimum 200 ltr of water /acre, in long duration crop needs 2 sprays at an interval of 15 days depending on deficiency

Micro Iron chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 866 Rs. 1375

Product Description
Pack Type Pouch,Bag
Usage Spray
Pack Size    1Kg,25kg

Micro iron Benefits :

Micro iron stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops as iron activates several enzymes.Micro iron chlorophyll content of healthy green leaves. It also prevents chlorosis and spiralling of leaves
Micro iron resistance to pests and diseases. Further, FeGro boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yields
Micro iron to prevent Iron Deficiencies in different crops occured gradually at different growth stages of crops
Recommendations :

Foliar Spray Application : 2-3 gm / Lit of water
Drip –Soil Application : 1-1.5 Kg / Acre
Product Specifications :

Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)

Iron (as Fe) 12 % min

Lead (as Pb) 0.003 % max

Color& Form Free Flowing Crystalline Yellow Powder

Micro Magnesium Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 735 Rs. 1050

Product Details

Product Description

Sequence Magnesium is the chelated Micronutrients Product .Sequence Magnesium is an ideal Fertilizer to correct deficiency in soil and crops. Magnesium is an essential component of the chlorophyll molecule, with each molecule containing 6.7 percent magnesium.


1. Magnesium is required for crops to capture the suns energy for growth and production.


2. Magnesium is mobile within the plant and easily translocated from older to younger Tissues.


3. Magnesium helps to plant in photosynthesis process.


4. Sequence Magnesium is also suitable for drip application.


Foliar application of 0.5gm Per liter of water during critical growth stage

Micro Managanese Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 735 Rs. 1050

Chelamin Chelated Magnesium

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Chelated Magnesium 6% MgEDTA

Magnesium deficiency in the soil harms plantation and fruit crops and at times, food crops too. It also prevents optimum utilization of major nutrient fertilizers.

Causes of Magnesium deficiency
Magnesium plays an important role in chlorophyll synthesis and activates many enzymes. It is depleted from the soil due to loss in percolating water, absorption by living organisms, fixation on surrounding clay particles and break-up into secondary minerals. Liming of acid soils and overdose of nitrogenous fertilizers also contribute to magnesium deficiency.

Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency
First symptoms appear on lower leaves. Veins remain green with the leaf paling and in advanced stages, turning yellow then brown and necrotic. In some species, they become reddish purple before turning brown. Later, whole plants of small cereals turn yellow. In citrus trees, the base of the leaf sometimes remains green with chlorotic lamina. In potato, the affected leaves become brittle. In tea, chlorotic spots appear and grow larger upto the tip while the base of the leaf is green. This gives the leaves an inverted 'V' appearance.

Synthetically chelated for easy absorption, CHELACOP is an organo-copper complex which effectively fulfills copper requirements of plants. CHELACOP is absorbed through leaves and being an organo-metallic complex, is not free to react with any other compound in plants and remains available to the plant for a long time.

Synthetically chelated for complete and rapid absorption, CHELAMAG containing organic magnesium chelate complex, effectively meets the magnesium requirements of plants. The wetting and dispersing agents ensure maximum absorption without adverse reactions.

CHELAMAG stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops. It increases the chlorophyll content for green healthy leaves. CHELAMAG prevents chlorosis and spiralling of leaves.

CHELAMAG increases productive tillers in wheat and paddy and the oil content of several crops. CHELAMAG induces resistance to pests and diseases. It boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yield. CHELAMAG is compatible with water sprayable agrochemicals and may be applied as a foliar spray in various stages of plant growth.

Availability :
• 200 gms, 500 gms.

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Micro Manganese Chelated Manganese

Chelated Manganese 6% MnEDTA

Manganese is an essential micronutrient which is responsible for chlorophyll synthesis in plants.

Causes of Manganese deficiency
The use of lime at rates sufficient to increase the pH of the soil above 6.5, burning of organic salts, irrigation which increases the soil pH and deposits bicarbonates and carbonates and excessive drainage cause Manganese deficiency.

How to recognize Manganese deficiency
Interveinal chlorosis in the middle of the subterminal leaves indicate manganese deficiency. In moderate and acute stages of manganese deficiency the dark green areas in the leaves become dull green and the light green areas persist throughout the life of the leaves. In severe cases, the light green areas often become grey or even whitish, the foliage becomes thin and shoots die back.

Micro Manganese is a synthetic Manganese related Foliar Spray that corrects manganese deficiency satisfactorily in all crops. It improves plant health by correcting manganese deficiency and optimizes yield.

Micro Manganese contains a wetting and dispersing agent which ensures direct availability of the Manganese Chelates sprayed, for a long time without adverse reactions. Being an organo-metallic complex,  Micro Manganese is absorbed easily through leaves and is not free to react with any other compound in the plant.  Micro Manganese remains in the plant-available form for a long time.

Benefits from using Micro Manganese include prevention of interveinal chlorosis of the leaves, increasing productive tillers in various crops, inducing resistance to pests and diseases, boosting growth, consequently increasing yield. Micro Manganese  is compatible with other agrochemicals and is ideal for correcting Mn deficiency in rice, cotton, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, cardamom, coconut, rubber, coffee, banana, chilli, potato, apple, citrus, grapes, mango and other crops.

Availability :
• 1KG

Mix Micro Nutrient Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 875 Rs. 1250


Ampoxcilin is chelated multi micronutrient and it is the perfect complement toNPK fertilizer.

It is useful for prophylactic and curative treatment of micro nutrient deficiencies in intensive crop and field crops.

The formulation of these products takes into amount the subsequent combinations with fertilizers occurring in Imperganation and foliar applications.

This prevents precipitation, therefore avoiding clogging the irrigation system and atomizers.

It contains Homogeneous free flowing microgranules rapidly and completely soluble in water.

It ensures rapid uptake and protection from premature fixation.

Composition:- Zn- 5.0% ,Fe - 4.0% , Mn - 2.5%, Cu- 0.8%, B - 1.5%, Mo - 0.1%, MgO - 2.0%


FOLIAR SPRAY - 1.25gms in 1 litre water by spray (250gms in 200 litres water per acre)

DRIP - 2.5gms in 1 litre water (500gms in 200 litres of water per acre)

First dose recommended to be sprayed 10 days after transplanting.

For Best Results - Repeat dose every 15 days

Micro Ferrous Chelated

1 Kg

Rs. 610 Rs. 1100

  • Micro Ferrous - IRON Micronutrient fertiliser
  • Technical Formula: EDTA 12.00%
  • Dissolve 200 grams of Micro ferrous in 150-200 litres of water snd spray over one acre of crop
  • Higher or Lower concentration can also be used depending on the nature of crops and their requirements.
  • Packaging Size - 1kg


Legal Disclaimer - For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.

boron 20%

1 Kg

Rs. 235 Rs. 375

boron 20%

1 Kg

Rs. 235 Rs. 375



Micro Boron (Our Boron Micronutrient Fertilizer) contains water soluble Di Sodium Octa borate Tetra Hydrate as Water Soluble Boron (B) 20.0% minimum.

Micro Boron is an efficient Boron Micronutrient fertilizer to correct Boron deficiency in soils and crops.?


Foliar application of 0.1 to 0.15% solution (1 to 1.5 g/l of water) during critical growth stage. 

Dissolve 200 grams of micro boron in 150-200 litres of water snd spray over one acre of crop.

Higher or Lower concentration can also be used depending on the nature of crops and their requirements.

Give 2 to 3 sprays at 15 to 20 days interval at flowering/fruit setting stage.

micro boron is also suitable for soil application, either through direct application or by mixing in water


Legal Disclaimer - For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.

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