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25 Kg

Rs. 3000 Rs. 7500

Product Details

Product Specification

Color Black
Pack Type Crafted Bag with Liner
Pack Size 26 kg
Fulvic Acid 12%
Is It Organic Organic
Form Flakes
Minimum Order Quantity 5 kg

Product Description

Super Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes is the organic nutrition for all the crops. It contains Humic,fulvic acid & potassium It is alkaline and quickly soluble in water. It can also be useful for fertigation by drip irrigation/drenching and for foliar spray.

Content :

  • Humic Acid : 66-68%
  • Fulvic acid : 12%


  • Accurate composition
  • Purity
  • High content
  • High solubility
  • Ready stock
  • Good quality packing


We, BEYOND AGRICHEM is one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, suppliers in bulk quantity of wide range of Organic , Inorganic Fertilizers & agrochemicals like Potassium Humate Flakes & Powder, Amino Acid, Seaweed Extract,Fulvic Acid,Micronutrients,watersolubel fertilizers,Water Absorbent Polymer, Silicon Chemical, Potassium Silicate Liquid, Bentonite Granules, etc. Our manufacturing unit has formulation facilities of wide range of Plant Growth Regulators which are mainly used in the agriculture. We are backed by best infrastructural facilities which include a well-equipped production unit, a quality control wing, R&D wing and a capacious warehousing. BEYOND AGRICHEM stands for Speed Accuracy Responsibility.
The Company has given a lot of emphasis on quality management as it sets us apart from rest of our competitors. Our main motto is “to maintain healthy and fruitful relationships with our customers. We strive to incorporate latest technologies and methodologies in our formulation process.”
We hope we can do business with you. Please feel free to contact me in this regard. Also should you need any assistance or wish to know more about our company, please let us know.


1 Ltr

Rs. 1396 Rs. 2850


1 Ltr

Rs. 1396 Rs. 2850



NINJA Plus is the very Rare combination of Organic Sucking Pest , Combination of Fish oil & Etc ...

NINJA is 100% Effectively Controls of Sucking pest especially…. on followed pest….

Leaf Minor.


Chilli Gall Mide.

Melay Bug.

White Flys.


After spray in 2-3 Hrs, you will find that 30% of insect are dead or struggling for life and other 70% are alive but stopped their eating. and after 48 Hrs you will find that 80-90 are dead.


NINJA Plus has following mode of Action:-


Insects does not have nose for breathing, they do breathing through their skin, so when their

skin comes in contact with NINJA solution, NINJA dissolved their liquid of their skin holes, So their

holes get swelling and they cannot breath, they die by suffocation in 3Hrs.


Other Cannot eat due to repellent smell of  NINJA, due to its test their ability to identify food get

destroyed and they stop eating, also they can not identify female so stop reproduction. This

happen due to very spicy smelling and air floating molecules of NINJA


As NINJA act dissolve body fluid of insect in first mode of action, on the same way, NINJA dissolve

insect egg covers, so when NINJA spray comes in contact with eggs, these eggs get dissolved and

get dead.


After Spray 2-3 Hrs, you will find that 30% of insect are dead or struggling for life and other 70%

are alive but stopped their eating. and after 48 Hrs you will find that 90-100% are dead.


Organic Product Certified 


No Chemical either in stabilizer or preservative is used.


Ideal for IPM Strategies can be used till the last day of Harvesting.


Recommended Crops:-


Vegetables :-Chilli’s,Tomato’s, Brinjal, Bhendi, Capsicum, Melons, Bitter gourd, Ridge Gourd

Suitable for all crops like Paddy, Cotton, Chilly, Groundnut, Potato, Cumin, Fennel, all vegetables,

flowers :-Rose, Jasmine, Chrysanthimum, Marigold,Lillis Etc..

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds and all other

Horticulture crops:-. Papaya ,Banana,Pomegranate,Citrus,Mango,

Crops:-Paddy,Sugar cane,Maze ,Etc…

It is good product for lawns, indoor plants, golf turf etc.


Method of Application

Foliar Spray – 2.5ml to 3 ml per liter of water.

Packing 250ml, 500ml,1  LTR



Allium Sativum-15%

Acacia Concinna-20%

Zingiber Officinalis-15%

Fish Oil-45%



Other Ingredients-4%

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